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Grupo Genérica was born with the strength and the enthusiasm of a renewed company and the guarantee of an experienced and qualified team of professionals. We are specialists in surface treatment. We have more than 20 years of experience behind us.

We have a qualified human team with years of experience in the sector to guarantee an excellent work.

Our facilities are located in the Industrial Estate of Base 2000 in Lorquí (Murcia, Spain). We have equipment and chambers exclusively designed for the accomplishment of the services we offer.

These facilities, along with the portable equipment at our disposal, make us a company without competition in the surface treatment sector.

Innovation and improvement ambition are the principles that keep us constantly growing, making progress in all processes, systems and technology, and improving our services to be more competitive.

We have a team of qualified and experienced professionals. Cooperation, support and positive team working atmosphere are the bases to ensure and fulfill our responsibilities.

Customers are always the most important for us and our goal is to get 100% of their satisfaction. Fast service, friendly and personal treatment and constant adaption to customer taste are the means to achieve it.

We provide and perform services that can make us proud of the result. We work every day to satisfy our customers.